Photos of Rome and the Vatican, the city and the museums

Enter the Eternal City

It is well known: All roads lead to Rome… The destination par excellence of Italy, Rome is the city of all superlatives. It has about 900 churches and basilicas and its twenty-eight centuries of history have left their mark on humanity. Today, the historical, archaeological and cultural richness of Rome is no longer to be proven, as its millions of annual visitors testify.

Rome is a paradise for budding photographers, as the city is full of wonders at every corner: from the Colosseum to the Pantheon, from the Roman Forum to St. Peter’s Basilica, from the museums to the hills, nothing escapes the visitor’s lens. But Rome is also a city to live, to feel: go and meet the Romans, taste an ice cream (gelato) or order pasta in a good trattoria, walk through this field of history and art of living that has influenced the entire Europe.

Discover our photos of Rome and our photos of the Vatican through thematic albums, commented and filled with good tips and exclusive bonuses.

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