Photos of the Trevi Fountain

Throw a coin to return to Rome one day

La fontaine de TreviJeter une pièce dans la fontaine de Trevi pour revenir à RomeAdossée à un palais, la fontaine de TreviDe nombreux touristes visitent la fontaine de TreviChar 2 chevaux marins tritonsNeptune au centre de la fontaine de TreviLe dieu Neptune sur un char en forme de coquille

A must-see when visiting Rome, the Trevi Fountain is located not far from the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps. It is present in the collective imagination thanks to La Dolce Vita by Fellini. The Trevi Fountain is fed by the Aqua Virgo, the aqueduct built by Agrippa – general and friend of Augustus – to feed his thermal baths adjacent to the Pantheon, and which was inaugurated in 19 BC. This monumental fountain, leaning against a palace, takes the shape of a temple or a triumphal arch.

The fountain is an allegory of the Ocean with, in the center, Neptune, standing on a shell-shaped chariot, pulled by two sea horses, representing violent water (left) and wild water (right). They are guided by two newts. The statues surrounding Neptune represent abundance and salubrity. The statues above represent the four seasons. It is traditional to throw 2 coins in the fountain, one to make a wish, the other to be sure to return to Rome one day!

The visit to the Trevi Fountain was made on April 25, 2010.

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