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Ruelle colorée Trastevere

Photos of Trastevere and its Basilica

The Trastevere is really a district apart in which you must absolutely beat the pavement to soak up its special atmosphere, its alleys so colorful, its merchants so friendly. Here and there, you will discover houses that are sometimes high, sometimes low, laundry in the windows, inhabitants who speak their own language and breathe the […]

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Château Saint-Ange

Photos of the Bridge and Castel Sant’Angelo

The Castel Sant’Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel), located not far from the Vatican, takes its name from a miraculous apparition during the plague of 590 when, according to tradition, Pope Gregorio Magno praying in the procession, had a vision of an angel lowering his sword. He interpreted this gesture as the announcement of the […]

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Monument Vittorio Emanuele II

Photos of the Vittorio Emanuele II Monument and Piazza Venezia

The Vittorio Emanuele II Monument, or Vittoriano, imposes its distinction in the heart of the Italian capital. All in pristine white marble, it was built between 1885 and 1911. It is dedicated to the first king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel II and through him, to the unity of Italy. With many nicknames such as “the […]

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Vue générale Forum romain

Photos of the Roman Forum

Discover our photos of the Roman Forum, the public square where Roman citizens gathered to deal with commercial, political, economic, judicial or religious matters. The Forum was continually crowded with lawyers, litigators, priests and merchants. From the stone tribune of the Rosters, politicians could address the people. Located between the Capitol and the Colosseum, the […]

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Visite Colisée Rome

Photos of the Colosseum of Rome

Browse our photos of the Colosseum in Rome, called the Flavian Amphitheater in ancient times. Inside, many shows were held that could last up to 4 months. The arena of the Colosseum is covered with a wooden floor, itself covered with sand that absorbed the blood of the defeated gladiators and animals. The basement housed […]

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Les thermes de Caracalla

Photos of the Baths of Caracalla

Located at the foot of the Aventine hill, in the South of Rome, close to the Circus Maximus, the Baths of Caracalla were among the largest and richest thermal establishments of the Roman Empire: they could accommodate up to 1600 people. Inaugurated by Caracalla in 217, this complex was not limited to a simple bathing […]

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L'école d'Athènes

Photos of the Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are considered among the most important museums in the world, and they hold masterpieces from the Egyptian era to the Renaissance. This exceptional collection was in fact built up over the centuries by the Popes, often patrons and collectors of art and antiquities. The different museums of the Vatican present an immense […]

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Artistes peintres place Navone

Photos from Piazza Navona to Campo dei Fiori

In the heart of the historical center of the city, near the Pantheon, Piazza Navona is the most famous and largest square in Rome. It is about 240 meters long and has kept the shape of Domitian’s stadium (1st century A.D.), the arches of the circus still remaining under the pavement. Piazza Navona continues to […]

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L'escalier de la Trinité des Monts - Rome

Photos of the Spanish Steps and the Trinity of the Mounts

Discover our photos of the Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna), located in the luxury shopping district of Rome. The Barcaccia Fountain, located today at the foot of the 138 steps that lead to the Trinità dei Monti, was created in 1629 by the sculptor Pietro Bernini at the request of Pope Urban VIII. The Church […]

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La Piazza del Popolo à Rome

Photos of the Piazza del Popolo

The Piazza del Popolo, one of the great squares of Rome, was designed in the 16th century to offer a majestic entrance to Rome from the Via Flaminia. It was a place of public executions. In the center is an Egyptian obelisk from Heliopolis, brought back during the reign of Augustus and installed in this […]

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