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Traveling is a pleasure that punctuates everyone’s life: alone or with others, it’s an opportunity to take a break in our lives and discover new horizons.

Whether it is to rest under the burning sun of a sandy beach, to conquer a snowy peak or to discover the history and culture of a region, the site Topexpos Voyages will give you the keys to prepare your trip at best.

You will be able to discover destinations you would never have thought of, admire original photos and unusual postcards, download travel guides or learn from authentic reports.

Enjoy your visit and… have a good trip!

Photos, travel notes and much more!

Browse through the sections of our website, at your own pace, according to your desires, look for new destinations thanks to our photos and travel notes, walk in our footsteps and escape with our travel stories, finally discover lots of ideas and good plans for your next trip!

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More than 5,000 creative photos ranked in more than 250 albums by location: from Bali to Costa-Rica, from Berlin to Tokyo in Japan.
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Our travel notes from all over the world provide a better understanding of the journey: customs and traditions, monuments, hikes, discovery of well-kept secrets…
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Follow in our footsteps and discover our travels from inside through a story first, but also place by place, each one being linked to an independent and commented photo album…
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More than a hundred of high definition postcards, both memory and testimony, have already been added in our site in order to offer you a new sight about travel.
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Journeys are a unique experience and each destination will be experienced as a different adventure depending on the hospitality, the visits, the activities, the accommodation…
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Preparing your trip is essential to enjoy it the most: with our downloadable PDF travel guides, plan your visits, map out your itinerary, discover unusual places…
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Our numerous photo albums are all geolocated and enhanced with a description allowing you to know the history of the place, the different things to discover, the activities you can practice. We will also show you other albums from the same region to continue the journey further. Find out a selection of our best photo albums below!

Guest destination: Costa-Rica

Costa Rica travel map

When you land in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, you’re already in the mood. This is a welcoming country focused on eco-tourism, but also a living culture that respects the environment. You will have understood, Costa Rica is a place where Nature has kept a central place in the life of the Ticos, but in the economic activity too.

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Surprising places, travel guides to download, exploration of a region or a city, museums and monuments, walks and hikes…

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