Travel notes in Italy, at the gates of the Mediterranean

Between ancient history and modernity

Italy… there are a thousand and one reasons to discover this beautiful country. Cornerstone of the Renaissance, art and history lovers will find plenty to satisfy their interest.

Heirs to a past of more than three thousand years, Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples or Milan are the pages of an open-air history book. These great cities of art will tell you their stories through their most beautiful monuments: the Roman Colosseum, the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square, St. Mark’s Basilica, the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral in Florence…

Benefiting from a climate that gets milder the further south you go, Italy has multiple landscapes that will delight aficionados of hiking or biking: a few lakes in the north, mountainous massifs such as the Apennines, green hills in Tuscany and Umbria, passing through the beautiful Gulf of Naples, the beaches and numerous Italian islands, the volcanoes of Etna and Vesuvius…

Italy, if it is necessary to remind it, is one of the great tables of the planet. You will taste the delights of a healthy, refined and world-renowned cuisine. It is also to meet the Italians and share their incredible sweetness of life, the Dolce Vita.

A journey of emotions, you will keep a strong memory of it as Goethe and Stendhal did before you. A great classic to be discovered and rediscovered to your heart’s content!

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Basilique et Piazza di Sant'Anastasia

Printemps 2010. Nous partons à la découverte de Rome, mondialement célèbre pour ses trésors architecturaux et archéologiques, ses musées et ses très nombreuses églises, qui fut autrefois le centre du monde. Et dans cette ville, la cité du Vatican, lieu de pèlerinage et de recueillement pour des millions de Catholiques.

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