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L'ours blanc, l'un des plus grands prédateurs terrestres

Photos of the Saint-Félicien wild zoo

The Saint-Félicien wild zoo is a huge animal park located near Lac Saint-Jean, in the province of Quebec. It is home to nearly 1,000 animals divided into 75 species from the Borealie, i.e. all the northern environments of the planet. The semi-natural route allows you to enjoy both the richness of the landscape (summer and […]

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L'école du village-fantôme de Val-Jalbert

Photos of the ghost village of Val-Jalbert

Between the years 1901 and 1927, Val-Jalbert vibrated happily to the rhythm of its pulp mill. In 1901, when the mill was built by Damase Jalbert, the village was called “Ouiatchouan”, named after the waterfall that fed the mill to make wood pulp. Although the history of Val-Jalbert ended in 1927 with the closing of […]

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Photos of Old Quebec, the Upper Town

The Upper Town, located on the promontory of Quebec City, resembles a small medieval European walled city. It is surrounded by walls and dominated by a citadel. The streets are winding and narrow. The Upper Town was the center of religious life in Quebec City. Indeed, the cathedral, the Séminaire de Québec, the Jesuit College, […]

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Rue du Petit Champlain à Québec

Photos of Old Quebec, the Lowertown

The Lower Town of Old Quebec is a historic center located at the foot of Cap Diamant. As early as 1608, Samuel de Champlain had a dwelling built here, the remains of which were recently sought at Place Royale. This square has been restored in order to recreate the French spirit of its origins. The […]

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Photos of the traditional Huron site Onhoüa Chetek8e

By visiting the traditional Huron site ONHOÜA CHETEK8E, discover the beliefs and life habits of the Huron-Wendat people from yesterday to today. The guides welcome you to the territory by saying Kwe! (hello friend!). Along the trails, they explain the habits and customs of the Huron Nation. Interpretation, animation, legends, dances and traditional songs on […]

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Sur le boulevard Maisonneuve à Montréal

Photos of Montreal, a colorful downtown

Montreal starts out like a big American city, with its network of highways hugging skyscrapers and plunging into the heart of wide avenues cut at right angles. But on closer inspection, Montreal is a city like a kaleidoscope, enriched by an astonishing mix of communities. Montreal cultivates a gentle way of life bordering on indolence: […]

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Le marché Bonsecours a été inauguré en janvier 1847

Photos of Montreal, the Old Montreal district

The Old Montreal offers a good glimpse into its history over the centuries, home to both the city’s oldest and newest tourist attractions. And while the cobblestone streets hold the memory of historical figures such as Jeanne Mance, Jacques Cartier and Maisonneuve, Old Montreal and the Old Port are constantly evolving neighborhoods, among the most […]

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La cathédrale Christ Church au cœur de Montréal

Photos of Montreal’s Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral is a place of worship in the Anglican tradition built between 1857 and 1859. Built in the neo-Gothic style, the church was constructed according to the precepts of the Camden Society of Cambridge. The stone building has a cruciform plan with side aisles and ends with a flat choir. It has a […]

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Basilique-cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde de Montréal

Photos of Montreal, the Mary Queen of the World Basilica-Cathedral

Inspired by the Italian neo-renaissance, the Cathedral of Mary Queen of the World has retained the general appearance of the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome. The interior of the Cathedral does not reproduce, in all its splendor, the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome, but the architectural layout of the nave, the white and […]

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Le lac Blanc en début d'automne

Photos of White Lake Outfitter in Mauricie

The Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc (White Lake Outfitter) is a favorite place for fishing in Mauricie. This resort offers 12 spacious cottages, a country inn, a rustic fishing camp, an aquatic center with pool, SPA, sauna and mini gym. A truly ideal place to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of fishing. The White Lake […]

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