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Lion colossal gardant l'entrée du temple d'Ishtar šarrat niphi

Photos of the British Museum, the other sections

The British Museum in London is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world. Since 1753, it has housed unusual, rare and original objects from around the world, from prehistoric times to the present day. The museum’s collections include statues, mummies, watches, clocks, helmets, shields, samurai swords, totems, paintings, tea bowls, pottery, musical […]

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Statue assise de la reine Ahmose-Merytamon portant une coiffe d'Hathor

Photos of the British Museum, Egyptology section

The British Museum has an Egyptian archaeological collection of over 110,000 pieces, of which about 4% are on permanent display. The 7 Egyptian rooms are impressive in the number of objects they have, it is the largest collection in the world after the Cairo Museum. The Egyptian antiquities have been present at the museum since […]

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Le Poudlard Express sur la voie 9 3/4

Photos of the Harry Potter Studios in London

The Harry Potter films were shot in Leavesden for over a decade. Because the books were still being written when the first films were shot, the production team kept many of the iconic sets, props, and costumes created especially for the occasion, in case they needed them for subsequent films. At the end of the […]

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L'un des lions gardiens de la statue de l'Amiral Nelson

Photos of Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is a famous square in London referring to the battle won by the English against Napoleon’s French army. Built in the 1840s by architect John Nash, Trafalgar Square is considered as a place of social expression. Many demonstrations or gatherings take place in this square. Whether it is for political, sporting, festive or […]

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Bâtiment situé près de Saint James Park

Photos of The Mall, a London avenue

The Mall is a wide London avenue, nearly a mile long, that runs from Charing Cross in the east (thus extending the Strand), passes under the Admiralty Arch, and ends in the west in a square in front of Buckingham Palace, in the center of which stands the Victoria Memorial. From 1828 to 1861, the […]

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Piccadilly Circus, au centre de Londres

Photos of Piccadilly Circus

The square of Piccadilly Circus was once considered the center of the British Empire. It is still one of the nerve centers of London today and is known for the enchantment of the glittering plethora of neon signs that cover it. It is also surrounded by several tourist sights, including a fountain erected in 1893 […]

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Maisons typiquement londoniennes très colorées

Photos of Notting Hill

The London neighborhood of Notting Hill is a great place to walk around that we’ve all inevitably heard about thanks to the charm of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in the movie Notting Hill. Notting Hill was not always a trendy area of London. During the first half of the XXth century, Irish and West […]

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La cathédrale a été reconstruite par l'architecte Christopher Wren

Photos of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London

Saint Paul’s Cathedral, located in the City, is one of the most visited religious buildings in London, along with Westminster Abbey. Destroyed after the great fire of 1666 that ravaged much of the city, St. Paul’s Cathedral was rebuilt by the architect Sir Christopher Wren in 1708. Like most Christian churches, it is built in […]

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Bar Punch & Judy à Covent Garden

Photos of Covent Garden, shopping in London

Located in the heart of West-end, the Covent Garden district is a great tourist and commercial gallery, a must during a shopping trip in London! If the central square of Covent Garden remains the big attraction of the district with its street artists and catering stands, it should not hide the energy of the surrounding […]

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Photos from Buckingham Palace to St. James Park

Buckingham Palace is one of the most famous monuments in the world and the official London residence of the British monarchy. The palace is both the place where events related to the royal family occur, but also the place where heads of state visiting London are welcomed. In addition to the beauty of its architecture […]

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