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Le Luxor offre une réplique du Sphinx et de l'une des pyramides de Gizeh

Photos of the Las Vegas Strip by night

Las Vegas is known as a city of lights and entertainment. At night, the city comes alive and offers a breathtaking spectacle. The lights of Las Vegas are one of the city’s most iconic features. Casinos, hotels and attractions are all illuminated by a thousand lights. Light is omnipresent, creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere. […]

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Panneau Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas au sud du Strip

Photos of the Las Vegas Strip by day

Situated in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is best known for its lively nightlife, 24-hour casinos and plenty of entertainment. But Las Vegas is also lively all day long, and is a very safe city in which to stroll, store or dine out. From the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign at the southern end […]

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Les Seven Sisters, formation géologique au bord de la route principale

Photos of the Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest and largest state park. It was opened in 1935 and is located not far from Las Vegas and Lake Mead in the Mojave Desert. Its name derives from the red color of its rock formations. These formations are fossilized sand dunes from the time of the dinosaurs, 150 […]

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L'ambiance unique des casinos de Las Vegas

Photos in the heart of Las Vegas casinos

Visiting the insides of Las Vegas casinos can be an incredible experience, so much luxury, extravagance and originality have been the watchwords for their design. Some casinos, such as Resort World Las Vegas, opened in 2021, cost billions of dollars to build. As you stroll along the Strip, you’ll admire the monumental architecture, reminiscent of […]

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