Travel photos from Europe

Travelling in Europe is a quest of diversity, astonishment, exchanges. Although smaller than its American, African or Asian counterparts, the European continent, also called the Old Continent, surprises the traveler in many ways. Everywhere in Europe, history is omnipresent. The succession of wars that have punctuated life for centuries leaves, here and there, a testimony of the past and the feeling that Europe has been able to rise again and remains stronger than ever. The European Union has become the symbol of this alliance, of this unity, with Germany at the top of the list, which has been able to leave behind its old demons to become the showcase of this Union.

Europe is also the diversity of climates and landscapes, from the calm and warm Mediterranean beaches to the fjords of Norway, whose virginity reminds us how much human activity has degraded this rich and varied nature. It is impossible to talk about European nature without mentioning Iceland. Perched at the gateway to the Arctic, this island is a raw land. Iceland is a host for rough reliefs sculpted by the elements and its intense activity is visible to the naked eye. In each country, many cities have succeeded in attracting a crowd of tourists eager for knowledge and a change of scenery. For romantics, Rome or Paris will offer a nice getaway while party lovers will enjoy the charms of Barcelona or Ibiza.

As you can see, Europe seems infinite, each place seems unique, its history makes it incredibly rich, its traditions, whether ancestral or more recent, give an incomparable charm to this prestigious destination, attracting travelers from all over the world.

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Travel photos from Europe


Rich in traditions, in breathtaking landscapes, from the castles of Bavaria to the beaches of the Baltic, Germany conceals a thousand and one treasures and have a central place in Europe, acquired thanks to its commercial, artistic, cultural performances…

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Carte illustrée de l'Allemagne

Travel photos from Europe


England’s landscapes offer a full palette of greens, contrasting with the white of the cliffs, the red of the urban furniture and the brick houses. Let yourself be charmed by a different way of living, by the disconcerting English humor and by the famous British phlegm!

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Carte illustrée de l'Angleterre

Travel photos from Europe


Whether surrounded by mountains, the crystal-clear water of the many lakes or onlookers at the Salzburg Festival, visitors can discover a multi-faceted country in Austria, which fiercely preserves its folklore inherited from its history, without ever refusing modernity.

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Travel photos from Europe


The luxuriance of its heritage as well as the diversity of its relief and its climate make France a world in miniature. From Brittany to Alsace, from the Basque Country to the French Riviera, without forgetting Paris of course, France marvels at by so many beauties gathered together.

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Carte illustrée de la France

Travel photos from Europe


Italy is a colorful country, propitious to discovery: secrets of history, artistic masterpieces, gastronomic delights, immerse yourself in its traditions and live at the rythm of the Dolce Vita by visiting a church, a market, a trattoria, with an authentic gelato to tempt your taste buds.

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Carte illustrée de l'Italie

Travel photos from Europe


Go to Europe of the wide open spaces, to the land of the northern lights and the midnight sun, enjoy an exceptional and unspoiled nature to the rhythm of green valleys and sparkling fjords, live outdoor with your backpack whatever the season.

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Photos de Norvège

Travel photos from Europe


Between ground and water, this country has a tradition of hospitality that is deeply rooted in the genes of its inhabitants, just like their love for freedom. In Amsterdam, many minorities live together in perfect harmony, and everyone can display their uniqueness without fear or shame.

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Photos des Pays-Bas

Travel photos from Europe


In southwestern Europe, lulled a mild climate, Portugal has conquered the world and brought its civilization to many countries thanks to its famous navigators. Today, the desire for modernity and renewal mingles with respect for traditions.

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Carte illustrée du Portugal

Travel photos from Europe


With its central position in Europe, Switzerland has been influenced by several cultures but has also been able to build its own identity. It is famous for its exceptional products, including its watches, its cheese, its chocolate and its famous knives…

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Carte illustrée de la Suisse
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