Photos of Quebec, a world apart

The "Belle Province"

Quebec, a province of Canada big as three times the France, is a world of its own. Whether you visit Quebec in summer or winter, you will see two totally different countries! One can stay in Montreal or Quebec City without having the time to enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the Gaspé or the wilderness of the Great North. These grandiose preserved territories that are the national parks sum up the multiple geography of Quebec. Aerospace, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cultural industries and information technology are among the key sectors of the Quebec economy. The wide availability of natural resources, notably forestry, mining and hydroelectricity, is also an important factor in wealth creation.

Take advantage of the presence of a dozen species of whales, from the beluga to the blue whale, in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence. These marine mammals find a preserved living environment in the nourishing waters of the St. Lawrence and generously allow you to enjoy their sometimes acrobatic frolics! Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, Quebec City is one of the oldest cities and the cradle of French civilization in North America. Wandering through the narrow streets of Old Quebec, browsing through the colorful boutiques, or sitting on a café terrace or on a bench will undoubtedly delight you. And what could be more beautiful than to hear Quebecers use the beautiful French language with pride, with that accent so characteristic to our French ears?

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