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Who are we?

Topexpos, entre voyages et culture, un partage de la connaissance

Topexpos, an original idea born in 1997

The idea of taking advantage of new communication ways in order to widely diffuse useful and each day reusable knowledge was born 20 years ago. This share had to be both free and fun, above all adapted to different audiences.

In 2005, the first journeys gave the opportunity to share these unique moments of discovery through photos, stories or testimonials, advice and tips, and also postcards. Thus was born the idea of a website dedicated to travel and the first version of Topexpos Voyages was launched in 2008.

In 2017, the third version offers you a colorful site encouraging to discovery and escape. So, escape for a few moments from your daily life to admire singular pictures, taken from our tribulations around the world.

Find your next destination

Many travel notes will allow you to travel all around the world and discover original places and traditions, countries with landscapes both unique and with an impressive diversity.

These chronicles, ranked by country and by theme (unuasual locations, museums and monuments, city breaks…), will undoubtedly make you want to know more or consult our travel photos.

Indeed, more than 5,000 photos have been gathered on our website. All of these have taken by us or have been provided freely by Topexpos Voyages members.

Set off to conquer authentic views, from unspoiled landscapes to the ceaseless urban hum of the big cities, from the Alps to Tokyo, through Indonesia or the Reunion Island.

Paysage verdoyant d'Irlande

Keys to prepare your trip

We have already gathered a hundred postcards from all over the world. They are and original addition to our photos and even allow you to discover new destinations such as Ireland. Our photos and postcards, ranked by country and stored in albums relating to a specific place, will invite you to consult our detailed travel guides.

These travel guides are compilations of many documents we found on the Internet or gathered from our escapades. They are free in order to let you know about the places to visit, advice for getting ready and a lot of other useful information.

But it is possible that before you start a big trip, you may have general questions. That’s why we have created a tips and advice area: you will find answers to all your practical questions.

“Travelling is growing, it is the great adventure, the one that leaves traces in soul.“

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