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Traveling in South America means moving between colonial cities, the Atacama desert and the Amazon forest. The Latin American continent invites you to discover the diversity of its grandiose landscapes and the extraordinary richness of its cultural sites. South America was originally populated by Amerindian peoples, the most famous was the Incas. From the 15th century onwards, the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors, led by Christopher Columbus, arrived.

In Central America, you can discover the Indian villages of Guatemala or the city of Antigua, former capital rich of its Spanish colonial heritage. Nature lovers, Costa Rica is made for you: between superb tropical forests and majestic active volcanoes, in the heart of the vegetation, toucans, frogs or sloths await you…

Further south, walk in the footsteps of the oldest Amerindian civilizations and the first European settlers. In Peru, visit the legendary Inca site of Machu Picchu to unveil all the mysteries and treasures of the Empire of the Sun, then soak up the magic of Lake Titicaca and its Indian legends in Bolivia. Go to Brazil if you wish to discover a unique culture, between Indian origins, Afro-Caribbean influences and Portuguese heritage. You will have understood that the strength of the Latin American continent lies in the multiplicity of its cultures, its landscapes, its so amazing cities and its so welcoming people: meeting them is already a travel goal!

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Brazil is a continent within a continent that is almost 16 times the size of France! From the infinite Amazon to the colossal Iguaçu Falls, from the quadrilateral of drought in the Sertão to the swampy territory of the Pantanal, nature reaches the extremes of excess.

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Photos of travel in South America

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is certainly a small country but its wealth is immense. And when we talk about ecology in Costa Rica, we are talking about 27 national parks, 8 biological reserves and more than 60 wildlife refuges.

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