Photos of Trastevere and its Basilica

A picturesque neighborhood typical of the Italian way of life

Le Tibre, fleuve qui traverse RomeRuelle colorée TrastevereBasilique Santa Maria in TrastevereClocher église Santa Maria in TrastevereHorloge église Sainte-Marie-du-TrastevereBougies à Santa Maria in TrastevereIntérieur de l'église avec l'autelLa nef de la basiliqueFresque dans l'église Santa Maria in TrasteverePeinture basilique Sainte-Marie-du-TrastevereIcone de la Vierge à l'EnfantUn autel richement décoréL'autel principal de la basiliqueFresque au plafond de Santa Maria in TrasteverePlafond doré dans l'église Santa Maria in TrastevereUne chapelle dans la basiliqueLumignons dans une égliseChrist en croix dans la basiliqueIntentions de prière sur la statue de Saint-AntoineRuelle colorée du Trastevere, le linge aux fenêtresLa place Santa Maria in TrastevereSur la place Santa Maria in TrasteverePromenade dans le quartier du TrastevereÉglise Ste-Quarante Martyrs et St-Pascal Baylon

The Trastevere is really a district apart in which you must absolutely beat the pavement to soak up its special atmosphere, its alleys so colorful, its merchants so friendly. Here and there, you will discover houses that are sometimes high, sometimes low, laundry in the windows, inhabitants who speak their own language and breathe the joy of living. A real haven of peace for tourists, you can choose a restaurant according to your taste and enjoy a quiet terrace to taste the delights of Italian gastronomy.

The center of this district is undoubtedly the piazza of Santa Maria in Trastevere where the eponymous basilica is located. This is one of the oldest churches in Rome, it was built under Pope Calixtus Ist and was probably the first Christian place of worship officially open to the public. The basilica is decorated with mosaics made from the twelfth century.
With its churches, narrow streets, cafes and small restaurants, Trastevere, in the southern part of the historic center, has retained the authenticity of a popular neighborhood.

The visit to Trastevere was made on April 28, 2010.

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