Photos of the traditional Huron site Onhoüa Chetek8e

In the Huron-Wendat Indian Reserve

La maison longue, habitation traditionnelle des HuronsLe canot, moyen de transport traditionnelSous le tee-pee géantMaison longue Huron, vue de l'extérieurGuide pour la visite du site traditionnel HuronLe tee-pee géant fait près de 4 m de hautUn attrape-rêves, juste avant la boutique d'artisanat Huron

By visiting the traditional Huron site ONHOÜA CHETEK8E, discover the beliefs and life habits of the Huron-Wendat people from yesterday to today. The guides welcome you to the territory by saying Kwe! (hello friend!). Along the trails, they explain the habits and customs of the Huron Nation.

Interpretation, animation, legends, dances and traditional songs on the program:
– Visit of the longhouse, the traditional Huron house
– Visit of the smokehouse and the meat dryer
– Sweat lodge
– Stop at the giant tee-pee
– Explanations on the way of life of the Indians of the different nations
– Presentation on the traditional means of transportation and on the making of canoes and snowshoes
– History of the exchanges between the Huron and the French in 1750
– Presentation on the current life of the Huron

The Huron Village tour was conducted on September 12, 2017.

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Site traditionnel Huron-Wendat

Traditional Huron site, from yesterday to today

Located in the Huron-Wendat Indian Reserve, the Huron Traditional Site is a unique opportunity to discover the history, culture, cuisine, dances and way of life of the Huron people from yesterday to today.

Known worldwide for its authenticity for three generations, the boutique “Le Huron” has a wide variety of Amerindian arts and crafts from Eastern Canada.

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