Photos of Old Quebec, the Lowertown

At the foot of Cap Diamant

Dans la Basse-Ville du Vieux-QuébecLa Place Royale, le berceau de la civilisation française en AmériqueLe château Frontenac vu depuis la Basse-VilleRue de la Place vers le Saint-LaurentLa rue Sous-le-Fort et départ du téléphériqueVieilles maisons en pierre rue Notre-DameBoutiques d'artisanat rue du petit ChamplainDes maisons en pierre coloréesBoutique rue Notre-Dame dans la Basse VilleRue du Petit Champlain à QuébecL'église Notre-Dame des Victoires date de 1690Des bâtiments dotés d'une belle architectureLe chien-assis, fenêtre typique de l'architecture parisienne

The Lower Town of Old Quebec is a historic center located at the foot of Cap Diamant. As early as 1608, Samuel de Champlain had a dwelling built here, the remains of which were recently sought at Place Royale. This square has been restored in order to recreate the French spirit of its origins. The Church of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires was built here in 1687.

Originally, it was the business district and wholesale trade. Banks, transportation companies, insurance company headquarters, warehouses and grain elevators were located here. Thus, Lowertown quickly became the center of commercial life.

Lowertown has nothing to envy to its high-rise counterpart. Among the museums, halls, theaters and exhibition spaces, the Museum of Civilization, designed by architect Moshe Safdie, presents temporary thematic exhibitions and permanent ones, most of which are related to the human and social sciences. From the very narrow Petit-Champlain Street, at the foot of Cap Diamant, a funicular with a view allows you to go up to the Upper Town without any trouble.

The tour of the Lower Town of Old Quebec was taken on September 12, 2017.

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