Photos of a small seaplane tour with Hydravion Aventure

Quebec from the sky

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Who has never dreamed of flying like the bird and enjoying a unique and striking view of the world we know only from below? In Quebec, in the heart of the magnificent Mauricie region, not far from Trois-Rivières, Hydravion Aventure takes you aboard a superb seaplane for a flight over the Saint-Maurice river and the Mauricie park to appreciate the immensity of the Canadian forest towards the north.

After having carefully listened to the safety instructions, embark for 20 minutes of exception and admire typical Quebec landscapes with forests stretching as far as the eye can see… Only a few lakes with dark blue waters interrupt this green immensity. This is Quebec as we can imagine, as we see it in the movies. The green, blue and sometimes red Quebec, during the season of colors.

The visit of Hydravion Aventure was made on September 11, 2017.

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