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La cathédrale allemande au Gendarmenmarkt

Photos of the Gendarmenmarkt

Many Berliners believe that the Gendarmenmarkt is the most beautiful square in Germany, or even Europe. Indeed, the combination of the Deutscher and Französischer Dom and the Konzerthaus is a magnificent example of architectural harmony. The square created in 1688 according to the plans of Johann Arnold Nering was initially called Linden-Markt, later Friedrichstädtischer and […]

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Le château depuis les jardins à la Française

Photos of Charlottenburg Palace

Built by the Great Elector Frederick III in 1699 for his wife Sophie-Charlotte, the Charlottenburg Palace – the largest palace in Berlin – features a beautiful English park and formal gardens. The palace was severely damaged during World War II and reconstruction began in the 1950s. The apartments of King Frederick 1st and Queen Sophie-Charlotte […]

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Les coupoles du Berliner Dom dans les arbres

Photos of the Berliner Dom

The Berliner Dom, dedicated to Protestant worship, was completed in 1905. The temple, often disparaged for its pomp, underwent a reconstruction of more than fifty years after the end of World War II. Emperor Wilhelm II, at the same time the supreme governor of the Evangelical Church in Prussia, wanted for his Protestant United Church […]

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Sophienkirche, église Sainte-Sophie

Photos of churches in Berlin

The city of Berlin is huge and full of religious buildings to discover. Not far from the cathedral Berliner Dom, you’ll find the Church of St. Mary, or Marienkirche, at the foot of Berlin’s television tower. This three-aisled Gothic church was remodeled in the Baroque period. A little further north, you will discover, not without […]

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Brandeburg Tor ou Porte de Brandebourg

Photos of the Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most iconic monuments. It is a symbol of the restored unity of Germany and its capital after the fall of the Wall. Once a symbol of the divided city, it attracted visitors who perched on the observation platform to peek across the Iron Curtain, across the no-man’s land […]

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Le dieu Neptune au sommet de la fontaine en bronze

Photos of Saint Mary’s Church and the Neptune Fountain

The Church of St. Mary (St. Marienkirche) is the second oldest church in Berlin after St. Nicholas. While the original early Gothic structure dates from around 1270, it has been continually expanded and restored since then. Rebuilt in 1405, the facade is very simple, uncluttered and has a beautiful brick architecture. The bell tower of […]

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U.S. Army Checkpoint Charlie

Photos of Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is Berlin’s most famous Cold War-era border crossing. The site remains a moving testament to the division of the city, between the Russian and American sectors. Historically, it is important because it functioned between August 1961 and 1990 as the main entry and exit point for diplomats, journalists and non-Germans who were allowed […]

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Berlin sous les nuages

Photos in the streets of Berlin

Marked in the 20th century by the Wall that divided Berlin in two parts between 1961 and 1989, the city gradually returned to being the political, economic and cultural heart of the country at the turn of the 1990s. The city is very large, eight times the size of Paris! Berlin is divided into twelve […]

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Attraction sur Alexanderplatz, de nuit

Photos of Alexanderplatz (Berlin)

Alexanderplatz, “Alex” for Berliners, a cattle market in the Middle Ages, a place of military parades and a maneuvering field for the nearby barracks until the middle of the 19th century, received this name in honor of the Tsar of Russia. Alexander I, on the occasion of his visit in Berlin in 1805. On November […]

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