Photos of the New York Public Library

A vast library in the heart of Manhattan

Des antichambres de lecture magnifiquement décoréesLa façade nord de la bibliothèqueCitation de John Milton au-dessus de la porte : "A good booke..."Plafond de la Bill Blass Public Catalog RoomFréquentation importante de la première bibliothèque de New-YorkPlus de 4 millions d'ouvrages sur ses étagèresLa New York Public Library doit sa naissance à Samuel J. TildenFontaine dans les couloirs de la Public Library de New YorkPlafond peint et richement décoréPeinture d'un enfant apprenant à lireLa Bill Blass Public Catalog Room à la bibliothèque de New-YorkBureau d'information et d'emprunt des livresLa visite de la New York Public Library est gratuite

The New York Public Library is New York’s great library, located in the heart of the city on Fifth Avenue. The building, which covers 60,000 square meters, is built in a style now considered the height of the Beaux-Arts style. This central library contains more than 4 million books, some of which are very rare, such as one of Gutenberg’s Bibles.

At the entrance, two pink Tennessee marble lions stand guard on either side of the façade. They are named Patience and Fortitude – these names were given in the 1930s by New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, in honor of the resilience of the people of New York during the Great Depression.

The visit is entirely free, just be sure to keep the library quiet. The large reading room “Rose Reading Room” is open to all and you can find some books in French. Take the time to sit down and enjoy the quietness of the place.

The visit of the New York Public Library was made on April 3, 2018.

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