Photos of Hergensweiler, Bavaria

A stopover on the road to Neuschwanstein

Au bord de l'étang Stockenweiler Weiher, à HergensweilerLes rails de la voie de chemin de fer à HergensweilerPetit train rouge de voyageurs à HergensweilerCrépuscule sur l'étang Stockenweiler WeiherL'un des bras de l'étang Stockenweiler WeiherUn passage à niveauBase nautique de l'étang Stockenweiler WeiherL'étang Stockenweiler Weiher, un coin idéal pour les pêcheursPlantes d'eau et nénuphars au bord de l'étang Stockenweiler WeiherJolie maison fleurie à Hergensweiler

Hergensweiler, a small Bavarian village not far from Lindau and the Austrian border, offers a pleasant stopover on the banks of the Stockenweiler Weiher, a small pond 300 meters long bordered by vegetation. Swimming and pedal boats are available, as are the fishermen who rest on its banks to enjoy the Sunday peace and quiet, only disturbed by the cries of children and, at regular intervals, by the horn of the little red train that passes by.

The visit to Hengensweiler was made on August 10, 2015.

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