Travel Guide: Rome, Italy (in French)

The eternal city

Is it still necessary to introduce Rome?

With its exceptional heritage, its mild and sunny climate, the capital of Italy seduces millions of travelers every year. Rome, a city that has long dominated the “civilized world”, contains a thousand and one testimonies of its very rich past. The 400 churches, 300 fountains and countless remains are the imprints left by each era since the Etruscans.

But Rome cannot be confined in this image of a “museum” area. Rome is the living and vibrant capital of Italy. The Romans are there to remind us. Their Dolce Vita lifestyle, their Mediterranean temperament, their neat and groomed look, their culinary specialties are some of the riches of today that the city invites you to discover as soon as possible…

Through our downloadable guide to Rome, but also thanks to our reports and our numerous photos, discover, locate and prepare your trip. Rome has long been the center of the world, perhaps it is because of an invisible force of attraction that, even today, pushes us to come and return to visit it, or even simply to live it!

Neptune au centre de la fontaine de Trevi
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Visiting Rome in a few days will not be enough to discover all its secrets. However, some places are unavoidable because of their beauty and historical importance: the Roman Forum, its ruins, its via Appia and its triumphal arches; the timeless Colosseum; the surprising catacombs on the outskirts of the city; the Castel Sant’Angelo on the banks of the river; the famous Trevi Fountain; the Vatican and its museums; St. Peter’s Basilica and square; the Pantheon; but also all the palaces, squares, alleys, museums, churches. … that give rhythm to the city.

57 pages, 57 places to visit with maps and photos.

Map of Rome with the main monuments to visit

Carte de Rome avec plan des monuments à visiter

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Events, museums, accommodation, restaurants… all the information you need about Rome.

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The metro network has 2 lines and 52 stations forming a 40 km network.

Getting around Rome

With the ATAC website, discover the best way to get around Rome and find all the information you need to plan your trip (in Italian or English).

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Discover our photos of Rome and the Vatican through thematic albums, commented and filled with good tips and exclusive bonuses.


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