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Risotto alla milanese

The richness of Milanese cuisine

Shaped by the richness of cereal crops and the importance of cattle and pig breeding, Milan’s gastronomy is based on two pillars: veal and rice, two quality ingredients that serve as the basis for a rustic and robust local cuisine with strong flavors.

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Les eaux turquoise de Caprera

The archipelago of the Maddalena, seven islands north of Sardinia

This small archipelago is particularly appreciated by sailing and underwater fishing enthusiasts as well as by lovers of calm and wild nature. Caprera, the last residence of Garibaldi, Italian revolutionary, is to be discovered for its historical side and the beauty of its landscapes.

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Guide de voyage à Rome

Travel Guide: Rome, Italy (in French)

With its exceptional heritage, its mild and sunny climate, the capital of Italy attracts millions of travelers every year. Rome, a city that has long dominated the “civilized world”, contains a thousand and one testimonies of its very rich past. Download our French guide to Rome in PDF!

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Peintures sur la place Navone

Piazza Navona, one of the most beautiful squares in the world

Considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in the world, the Piazza Navona gives you an insight into 2,000 years of Roman history. This open-air lounge is the perfect place to relax over a drink, lulled by the sound of the fountains and the comings and goings of strollers.

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La basilique Saint-Jean-de-Latran

St. John Lateran Basilica, Rome’s cathedral

St. John Lateran has witnessed many historic events in its long history: Charlemagne was baptized here in 774, several great councils were held here, all the popes were enthroned here until the 19th century, and Mussolini signed the so-called Lateran Accords here in 1929.

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Boutique Valentino à Rome

Fashion and shopping in Rome

The Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) is both the heart of Rome’s main shopping district and a fashion stronghold. The fabulous Donna sotto le Stelle (under the stars) haute couture show held every July on the steps of the scalatina symbolizes this vocation.

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Construction des thermes de Caracalla

The Baths of Caracalla, a complex for relaxation and commerce

Begun in 206 and inaugurated in 217 by Caracalla, the Baths of the Severus sought to perpetuate Trajan’s preoccupation with improving hygiene while satisfying the needs and pleasures of a class of rentiers. These grandiose baths could accommodate up to 1,600 people.

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The Vatican Museums, 1,400 rooms of secular art

The origins of the Vatican Museums can be traced back to Julius II, who in 1503 had ancient works deposited in the courtyard of the Belvedere Palace. Popes Clement XIV and Pius VI contributed to their development and glory. The 1,400 rooms of the museum have been constantly enriched to this day.

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La basilique Saint-Pierre et l'obélisque

St Peter’s Basilica, Catholicism’s largest religious monument

St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, which we’ve been admiring for almost five hundred years, is the successor to a first religious monument, erected in 319 at the request of Emperor Constantine, on the site where St. Peter was to be buried. It was consecrated in 326 by Pope Sylvester I.

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