Photos of Zell am See

At the gateway to the Großglockner route and the Kaprun and Glemm valleys

Un ferry traverse le lac Zeller SeeClocher de l'église romane Saint-HippolyteChalet caché par la végétation et les massifs de fleursLe lac Zeller See est entouré de montagnesLe chœur de l'église Saint-HippolyteAutel et tabernacle doréVitrail de l'église Saint-HippolyteSculpture représentant le baptême de Jésus par St Jean BaptisteNef secondaire de l'égliseVue de l'intérieur de l'église Saint-HippolyteL'hôtel-restaurant Steinerwirt et le château RosenbergLe lac Zeller See est situé à une altitude de 750 mLe Grand Hôtel avec sa magnifique vue sur le lac Zeller SeePromenade agréable sur les bords du lac Zeller SeeAu bord du lac Zeller See à Zell am SeeLe lac Zeller See a une longueur de 3,8 kmChemin de promenade autour du lac Zeller SeeChemin ombragé pour se promener en toute quiétudeUne piscine de rêve au bord du lacBaignade dans l'eau pure du lac Zeller SeeLe petit port de plaisance de Zell am SeeL'hôtel Salzburgerhof fleuri de géraniumsUne abeille butinant une belle fleur roseMagnifique météo pour se promener sur les bords du lacLac Zeller See est peuplé de nombreuses variétés de poissons

Zell am See is a small town on the shores of Zeller See lake, a beautiful blue expanse that glistens in the sunlight in its green and mountainous setting. Zell am See nestles on the slopes of the Schmittenhöhe, offering a wide range of possibilities for skiing in winter and hiking in summer. Historically a hub for freight traffic, thanks to the railroad line built in 1875, it is now a tourist destination in summer and winter.

In addition to the many activities it offers (skiing, hiking, biking, swimming…), Zell am See delights the visitor with its heritage: the Cathedral of St. Hippolyte and the Evangelist Church, the Town Hall building (which houses a painting gallery), the Museum of Local History which presents the entire history of the town since ancient times are just a few examples of the points of interest the town abounds in. Lovers of antiquity will inevitably appreciate the Prilau fortress while a walk through the medieval streets will bring a rare pleasure.

Zell am See is not only a natural region near the lake and mountains, it is also synonymous with urban charm, sophisticated shopping experiences and culinary highlights. Traditional hospitality and modern restaurants go hand in hand here. International culinary delights meet traditional cuisine and local products and will enchant your senses.

The visit to Zell am See was made on August 18, 2015.

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