Photos of Kingston, Ontario

At the junction of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario

L'hôtel de ville de Kingston, de nuitCamion de pompier dans les rues de KingstonLes lumières dansent devant l'hôtel de villeCamion de pompiers attendant au feu rougeHôtel de ville de KingstonL'Hôtel de Ville de Kingston est un bel exemple d'architecture néoclassiqueCoucher de soleil sur les rues calmes de Kingston

The city of Kingston was first settled in 1783 before being incorporated as a village in 1838 and then as a city in 1846. Its location at the junction of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River, its proximity to the U.S. border, as well as the predominance of the Canadian Shield in the surrounding region were of primary importance to its settlement and its political and economic history. This municipality shines with both its rich past and its dynamic present.

We call it Kingston-the-Beautiful, this lovely town! Brimming with all kinds of activities on the shores of a calm, azure sea, it seems the Old Continent. You’ll see it as you stroll its streets, from bistros to stores.

Antiquitate, Civilitate, Humanitate. Kingston’s motto, “a civil and creative community with a proud past,” indicates the city’s cultured character and creative spirit. It speaks volumes about this exciting former capital of Canada. Strolling the streets of this jewel city, one cannot help but be seduced by its attractive downtown core with its magnificent Victorian architecture. The one-hour French tour on the Confederation Tour Trolley, which describes Kingston’s history, natural attractions and bustling activity, is a great way to find out what to do!

The Kingston tour was taken on September 9, 2017.

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Kingston by night

As night falls, stroll through the bustling streets of Kingston to the music of a street performer and soak up the atmosphere in a bar or restaurant. At the end of the evening, take a few moments to the harbour and gaze out under the stars at the glassy sea that is Lake Ontario.

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