Photos of Hollywood Sign

The symbol of the city of cinema

Lake Hollywood ParkLe panneau Hollywood est situé sur le Mont LeeLe Mont Lee culmine à 512 mètres d'altitudeLe panneau Hollywood depuis le Lake Hollywood ParkLettres Hollywood, sur le versant sud du Mont LeePalmier et Hollywood signLes Lettres Hollywood, symbole de la ville du cinéma

Today, the Hollywood Sign, more than 13 meters high and 137 meters long, is the very symbol of the city of cinema. It all began in 1923, when a real estate developer was planning a new development and wanted to advertise it to as many people as possible. He had “Hollywoodland” installed in giant letters on a hill overlooking Los Angeles. By the 1940s, the sign was falling into disrepair and, in 1949, the Chamber of Commerce decided to refurbish it by removing the last 4 letters.

In the 1960s, the sign once again took a beating, but in 1977, Hugh Hefner, the powerful boss of Playboy magazine, organized a fund-raising campaign to restore the famous Hollywood sign to its original lustre. Although the letters can be seen from many places in Los Angeles, the 4 best locations are Hollywood Boulevard, Mulholland Observatory, Griffith Observatory and Lake Hollywood Park.

The Hollywood Letters were mainly seen on March 26, 2023.

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